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Pallmann Clean (Water-based cleaning fluid for wood floors)

Suitable for the routine cleaning of the following surfaces: Sealed parquet/hardwood floors, Sealed cork floors, Oiled and waxed parquet/hardwood, floors, Oiled or sealed engineered boards, Linoleum, PVC and Natural and synthetic stone floors


Suitable for the thorough cleaning of Pallmann oiled /waxed parquet/hardwood floors: Oiled and waxed parquet/hardwood floors and Oiled or sealed engineered boards


Thorough (deep) cleaning: Measuring(1): 400 ml/10 litres of water up to undiluted.

(1) The mixing proportion depends on the level of contamination, from 400 ml/10 litres water, up to undiluted. The exact maintenance routine is shown in the care instructions for the MAGIC OIL 2K range



Routine cleaning:

Consumption:  approx. 100 – 200 ml/10 litres of water

Pallmann Magic Oil Care Refresher

Care product for routine and maintenance cleaning of parquet and wood flooring protected with products from the Magic-Oil 2K range. Refreshes the floor by topping up the levels of protection.


For maintenance cleaning of wood floorings treated with products of the Magic Oil two component range.


Refresher ingredients provide a re-oiling. Benefits include renewal of lasting care and protection.


In order to extend the life span of impregnated parquet or wood flooring, a professional, thorough periodic cleaning and specialist re-treatment is essential.




Especially suitable for the surface treatment of:


·         wood and parquet flooring


·         on-end wood blocks (end grain)


·         cork flooring


·         wooden furniture (solid wood)


·         treated with Magic Oil 2K only




Application by means of special application pad and handle.



Pallmann Finish Care STOP 750ml

Water-based wash-care combination that has a special anti-slip effect making the lacquer slip-resistant. The appearance of the surface is also improved and, at the same time, the wear-life of the flooring is extended.


Especially suitable for the surface treatment of:


·         sealed wood and parquet flooring


·         linoleum


·         sealed cork flooring


·         PVC


·         sealed pre-finished parquet (trial required)


·         natural and artificial stone flooring



This product has been especially developed for the special requirements of DIN 18 032. We recommend this slip-resistant care product for use in sportshalls, old peoples homes, nursery schools.


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