Domestic Floor Sanding

We sand all types of wood and pride ourselves in specializing in beautiful parquet flooring.


We can bring your tired, over varnished floor back from the brink and have it gleaming in a jiffy.


Here's how we do it.


Firstly, we clean the floor. No need to do it yourself, it's all part of the process. This is more than a feather duster and a light hoovering. We really go at it. Any loose nails/screws/tacks, what-have-you, are bagged and binned. The floor is minutely inspected for existing damage and repaired prior to the sanding process. 

Secondly, we sand. We give it a darn good buffing and after we re-sand, with a finer grain to smooth it so well you can run a fingertip over it without risk of a splinter. We are also 99% dust-free! Can you believe it?


Next, we blend. Marks, grooves, knots and twists in the wood are gently coaxed until they lay flat or vanish.


Sealing follows. Here we use the best quality and nearest, environmentally friendly primers to prepare your prized wood flooring prior to the final buffing.


When finished, your floor will be the end product you always dreamed it could be.




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